To guarantee you the best rate, the costs are based on both the calling & the receiving numbers. They can vary day by day and from country to country.

The applied call rate will be displayed at the beginning of each call.

In setting, select "Add more credit", then choose your desired recharge amount (using either PayPal or a credit card). The higher the amount you pick, the higher the extra bonus you’ll get!

If you haven't obtained one yet, get a prepaid SIM of the foreign country in which you’re staying. In most countries it's really cheap, and also include 1 or 2 GB of mobile data. In this way, you can freely use all the apps you need. If you want to use your home-SIM as well, you must have a dual-SIM capable phone or a second phone. It can be an old device and/or a very cheap one.

We suggest to use the abroad-SIM in your main phone, so you can always benefit from the data connection. You can even do the opposite, but then you should set up a secondary phone as a Wi-Fi hotspot (in phone settings, look/search for tethering/Internet connection sharing). This will, however, drain the batteries of both phones. In either case, thanks to Pirate Roaming, you can call home, even on-the-move, without consuming your data package.

Sure you can! You do, however, need a secondary phone, just a cheap one will do, in which to insert the abroad-SIM. Buy a prepaid SIM with a data bundle and share the data with your main device (in phone settings, look/search for tethering/Internet connection sharing). Now you'll have an abroad-internet connection on your main phone.

Install Pirate Roaming on your main phone – as on the secondary one you might not have your contact list up to date. In the Pirate Roaming app, add the SIM number of the secondary phone and set it as "Local". When you use Pirate Roaming to make a call, the secondary phone will essentially act like a switchboard through which all calls will be routed (dialing, answering and speech).

Pirate Roaming on the main phone is needed in order to search contacts and dial calls, but the actual conversation will be done through the secondary phone.

That’s easy! Buy a Pirate Number of your home country: Just open the Settings tab in the Pirate Roaming app and tap "Get a Pirate Number". Whoever calls this Pirate Number will be charged only a local call rate (or nothing at all, depending on his/her plan). You will receive the call on your Local SIM, and will be charged only a small fee per minute in your Pirate Roaming credit. To avoid any international roaming fees, remember that the SIM set as “Local” have to match the country in which you are currently staying.

We are working hard to enable outbound calling without an internet connection. For now, you will still need a data connection to initiate a call. Nevertheless, the required amount of data is very small, so Pirate Roaming works perfectly even on a low speed/quality connection. Once the call is active, the data connection is no longer needed!

No problem! Go to Settings, tap "Add more credit", select your desired recharge amount, tap pay, and select "Pay using Credit Card" in the lower part of the next screen.

We recommend to download the Pirate Roaming app only from the official Stores. Just search the app in the App/Play Store and you’ll be prompted if an update is available, in the usual way.

When traveling abroad, the mobile data connection is even more important than in your home country. Locating free Wi-Fi, when you need it, may prove more difficult than you imagine, and being offline can create delays or other issues.

Furthermore, many people are still underestimating the security risks related to using free Wi-Fi hotspots. A free hotspot may have been easily hacked (or even purposely set up) to invade your device for stealing private data, or steal your identity. You run the risk of discovering that using a "free hotspot" may be carrying an much steeper price tag than you would ever have imagined!

The only way to enjoy a cheap – and secure – data connection abroad is to buy a prepaid SIM of the foreign country you are in. Once you have bought the abroad-SIM, add it in "Add SIM" in app Settings and set it as "Local".

When you go back to a country where you already have a SIM, just set it back as "Local" with a single tap.

Pirate Numbers are local phone numbers, available in many countries, that you can buy directly in the App. They can be used to avoid Roaming costs when you are abroad. You can buy numbers of as many countries as you wish. After the activation of a Pirate Number, share it with your friends, family and business contacts: you can send it through SMS, e-mail, Whatsapp, Facebook or even register it as a welcome message of your voice mail. When someone calls your Pirate Number, it will ring the phone containing the SIM you set as "Local" in settings, so you’ll avoid any Roaming costs. We will charge you the cost of a local call to that SIM.

A Pirate Number costs only 2 Euro (some countries have slightly higher prices) and it's valid for one month. It will automatically be renewed, the same day of every month, at the same price. When you don't need it anymore, you can delete it with just a single tap. We are, however, unable to refund any unused days.

Normally you shouldn't have an immediate need for a Pirate Number in the country you are visiting (or living in, if you are an expat), since you can directly use your "Local" SIM and people can call you at that number.

Anyway, we are constantly negotiating with phone Operators worldwide to acquire phone numbers in countries that aren't covered yet.

See question #11 for further information on Pirate Numbers.

If you have a Pirate Number from the same country as the number you are calling, the recipient's phone will display this Pirate Number: the recipient will be able to dial you back without any International surcharges. Otherwise, the number of the SIM set as "Local" will appear. In either case, if the recipient should miss the call, he/she will always be able to dial you back!

When you are abroad, your “home” SIM will be in International Roaming. You shouldn't answer in order to avoid high Roaming costs. However, if you're able to see the incoming call number, you'll be able to dial back using Pirate Roaming!

Either use a dual-SIM capable phone or a second one, but do remember not to answer incoming calls in order to avoid International Roaming costs!

We are gradually signing new agreements with other countries. Write us at and stress the country you need: we will increase the priority of the most requested countries!

Simple! Reinstall the App and enter the same phone number that you used the first time. If you have problems, see question #18.

Easy! Just enter the same number you used the first time you installed Pirate Roaming. If this is no longer your number, please contact, quoting the number you used the first time. We will ask you certain security questions in order to protect your privacy and prevent unauthorized access to your account.

We are sorry, but this is technically not possible, since Pirate Roaming service doesn't use outbound calls at all: it uses only inbound calls – even when you place a call through the app.

However, the cost of the call will, in most of the cases, be much closer to a national call, rather than to an international one.

For further info on how calling rates are determined, please see FAQ #1.

Insert both your home-SIM and abroad-SIM. Remember to activate the data internet connection only on the abroad-SIM – it will be far cheaper if you subscribe for a data bundle. In this way, you can see the incoming calls from your home country (do remember not to answer in order to avoid any Roaming costs) and will enjoy the data connection too. In Pirate Roaming, add the abroad-SIM in Settings, and set it as "Local": thanks to Pirate Roaming, you’ll be able to make calls and receive calls (if you have any Pirate Numbers) freely and reliably, on-the-go.

Viber has a new feature called Viber-In Calls. This feature is described as: “Receive regular incoming calls with Viber, when possible“. Viber-In Calls feature is turned on automatically for most users. In our opinion, it does not make sense to use this feature if you have a Local SIM, because it’s already free to answer your phone, and Viber's quality can be really poor.

You can easily turn this feature off following these simple steps: More (or menu symbol for Android users) > Settings > Calls and Messages > Viber-In Calls > OFF.

Please open a help ticket inside the app or contact us at quoting your phone number. We'll issue you a full refund, so you'll be able to delete your Pirate Number and buy another one.

When you use Pirate Roaming, our servers call you at your "local" SIM.

Receiving calls on a local SIM is free of charge everywhere, except in the USA, where the mobile telephone system charges users for received calls also, if they don't have either a bundle with included national minutes, or an unlimited national calls plan.

This is not exclusive to Pirate Roaming, you're charged the same for any incoming call.

So we strongly suggest to subscribe to a national calls bundle with your Mobile Operator to avoid additional charges.